Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ode To A Robin by Elvis Presley

I finally found this little poem which sounds like it's written by Gollum.
I remember reading it many years back, the year was 2001 to be exact.
Been searching for it since then but couldn't really find the word, the trend
To my delight it brings me glee to learn that it's actually by Elvis Presley.

Ode To A Robin
As I awoke this morning
When all sweet things are born
A robin perched on my windowsill
To greet the coming dawn

He sang his song so sweetly
And paused for a moment's lull
I gently raised the window
And crushed his fucking skull

- Elvis Presley, 1974

And these are my search words in google, as far as I could possibly recall.
"morning bird chirping down the window smash it's fucking skull"

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  1. Actually from 1976, when RCA brought recording equipment to Graceland, to record the final 2 albums, including Moody Blue